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Legal & General Modular Homes – High Voltage


Redevelopment of an existing warehousing shell into a state of the art production facility


Utilities Master Planning and High Voltage Infrastructure


DDA were employed by the Concept Engineer for Legal & General Modular Homes for the detailed design of a High Voltage Infrastructure around their new 51,000m² factory in Sherburn.

Legal & General Modular Homes was established to build cost-effective homes in controlled factory conditions by fully trained and highly skilled labour. With an aim to produce thousands of homes per year across eight production lines, operating 24 hours a day, LGMH aim to deliver up to 3,500 homes per year from this one factory.

Along with of the overall services factory design from RIBA stage 2 through to RIBA stage 7, DDA were employed to carry out the full high voltage design including equipment selection, discrimination studies, and detailed builder’s work drawings for the new 7.5MVA ring around the site.

The overall design included for a redevelopment of the existing utilities HV connections, new client’s extendable high voltage SF6 switchboard and switchroom, six EU directive external transformers with close coupled RMU’s, 2km of triplex 11,000V cable. 1.2km of this cable was installed internal to the building due to the confines of the site and limitation on external excavations.

As part of the overall HV design, connection points have been included and specified to provide a 2.5MVA high voltage connection for an on-site biomass generation. This also included automatic switching within the main HV switchboard to prevent export at HV on to the utilities network.

Along with on-site constraints, the utilities connection came with an above average fault level that needed to be considered as part of the design and equipment specification. This has been a technically challenging project, that we have been proud to be part of.