• design & project engineering

New ASDA store in Chorley


Redevelopment of a town centre site


M&E value:

£1.3m services

Procurement route:


D&B via principal contractor


852 PV panels:    234kW total installed capacity


BREEAM Very Good

Large Retail

DDA Building Services Consulting Engineers were engaged to undertake the complete M&E design including BREEAM certification for the new Asda store at Chorley.

Employed initially direct by Asda through the predevelopment stage, transferring our service to the Main Contractor for on site activitiesand handover back to Asda.

Working in close collaboration with the Asda Engineering team has allowed us to deliver a fully operational and energy efficient Superstore. Bring innovative design solutions for consideration and inclusion within the scheme, which has assisted in achieving BREEAM accreditation of Very Good.

The entire store  both internal and external is fully illuminated using LED luminaires, providing a considerable reduction in the store’s base energy load and on going maintenance.

On site electrical generation has been provided by the 852 roof mounted Photo Voltaic Panels (234kW TIC).  Roof mounted services and building structure has was fully co-ordinated with the panels, not only to maximise the amount of panels but to best use solar directional facing and limit shading on the panels. This has provide a PV array that is capable of supplying 10% of the stores annual electrical usage.

The waste heat rejected from the store's Refrigeration system has been designed to allow it to captured in an hot water heating circuit and reused to heat the store via the main air handling units rather than discharging to air this as waste energy.