• design & project engineering

Fazenda, Leeds


New Build into Shell Unit


Concept M&E Design


Construction Detail M&E Design


Utilities Planning


DDA Building Services Consulting Engineers were employed to undertake the complete M&E design for the first of a small chain of specialist Brazilian dinning restaurants.

Fazenda is home to the authentic gaúcho experience of the famous churrasco barbecues slowly grilled over open flamed pits. 

Fazenda’s dedication for providing quality ingredients with outstanding service ensures their customers enjoy the true essence of the Brazilian gaúcho experience.

Services designs have been coordinated with the client’s vision to provide an award winning dining environment. The brief at Fazenda was to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and intimate. Atmospheric lighting is designed to soften natural timber and leather interiors and bounces light around a feature bar area.

Intelligent M&E services enable the talents of Fazenda’s chefs to be showcased. Powerful but discreet systems handle the extraction of the hallmark smoky aromas as succulent cuts of meat are roasted over charcoal.

With expansive views onto the canal of the River Aire, Fazenda Leeds in the Granary Wharf presents the perfect venue for lunching and special occasion dining.